“It’s been a phenomenal decision I’ve been able to make….. Group coaching 2 days a week is great for everyone to collectively talk about their wins, any struggles, and be able to talk about how to increase their productivity….. My first year was with another brokerage and since moving over here to KW Northeast my production level has doubled just in the first two quarters of this year…”

Aaron Rivera

REALTOR since 2019

“…..One of the highlights of being a part of Keller Williams [Northeast] is the Agent on Duty. I must admit to you that it’s been an opportunity to meet other folks that come into our office or on the phone…..It’s been a great time to work my business, make my phones or send my emails…”

Mario Licciardi

REALTOR since 1980

“I got into real estate in Sept of 2020, so just over 7 months ago. Since then I’ve closed 10 transactions and a little over 4 million in sales…. One thing that I love about KWNE are the tools and resources that are provided to me. One in particular is the neighborhood nurture smartplan. I’ve had multiple clients reach out to me about the emails they’ve received from me. “

Kortnee Hanson

REALTOR since 2020

“I’ve never been with another brokerage because I love it here and I’ve never wanted to leave. One reason is because of the front desk [Agent on Duty]…Over the past 7 years, I’ve actually generated probably close to $6 to $7 million from the front desk. Just December [2020] alone, I closed a $980,000 deal alone….Just working the front desk in December covered my KW commission [split & cap] for almost 2.5 years…   “

K.C. Conaway

REALTOR since 2014